Friday, July 22, 2011

Face Down Baby

I just watched a young mother get her priorities completely mixed up. She was crossing a minor road using a pedestrian crossing. I was driving the only moving vehicle on that road and was approaching the crossing at walking speed as I prepared to stop for her. She focused all her attention on me.

Her baby, about two, pitched forward out of the stroller she was pushing and landed face first on the road. Mother didn't notice, although I could clearly hear his screams inside my sealed car. She kept pushing, scraping his face along the ground. She didn't even look down for a second to see why she had to struggle to push.

It was not until I beeped my horn and waved frantically at her and the baby that she noticed the problem. Then she dashed around, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him and stroller off the road. Last I saw, the baby was making his feelings about this pretty clear. I just hope she gets a few clues from today's experience.

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