Friday, August 12, 2011

RapidXen Update

Almost 18 months ago I wrote about my unhappiness with RapidXen on my old blog. Contrary to my original intentions, I kept one of my RapidXen instances alive as a spare. I recently had a small issue with it and discovered that the RapidXen response was extremely prompt and effective. And I already know that their move away from Fremont had helped their reliability. So, prompted by lengthy failures of my Linode in Fremont, I thought I might put the RapidXen host back into an important role. And I moved my Linode to Dallas, hoping that the increased latency might be offset by better reliability. I'm hoping that this strategy, which now gives me hosts in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, will be a success when I'm in Europe for four months next year.

I know the RapidXen people were unhappy with my previous post, so this post is intended to show them there are no hard feelings. I'm hoping to continue as one of their happy customers for a long time.

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  1. If you ever want to try a new host I really recommend ARP Networks.
    They're pretty reliable and offer a good price, professional service and provide IPv6 and support both BSDs and Linux. I get 200ms pings on my connection (over wireless).

    The guys who run it are great and there is some great people (you might even know a couple) in their IRC channel.

    It seems to me that Linode are having a fair bit of trouble with reliability lately. They offer a fair product but I can't really see what edge they have over others besides more rapid deployment with a slick interface.


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